The best DIY 3D Printer for the “Not so Technical DIYer”

3D Printers Plus’ Prusa i3 has the best DIY 3D printer made in Australia. It’s  perfect fit for anyone who enjoys a DIY project that is not too difficult and mostly just wants to get on with the 3D printing. You don’t have to be electronics or computer software expert to get this 3D printing machine up and running. It will take a couple of days, not months.

Do you have the skills to build a Non 3D Printers Plus 3D Printer?

Craig’s confession – “It took me 3 months to build my first 3D printer and I’m an electrical engineer.”

Not everyone can program electronics chips, integrate hardware and software, solder and crimp cables. More importantly, not everyone can do all this a manual that contains single photos showing 5 or 6 steps with instructions that say – “Make it look like this.”

That’s why we have developed 3D Printers Plus Prusa i3. We want to bridge your skill gap with ours and just let you enjoy learning how to do 3D printing.

Why is 3D Printers Plus’ 3D printer more than those on ebay?

The short answer is – you get what you pay for. The picture’s the same, the model’s the same but the kit is not. It is loaded with EXTRAs.

Along with 20 hours in printing your parts, 3D Printers Plus have spent 4 hours plus in making this kit as close to plug and play as possible.

Here’s an overview of how our kit compares with other ‘Australian’ resellers or overseas kits.

Diy 3D Printer

What really sets us apart is

We have

  • Programmed your electronics to work with the equipment we supply you. 

  • We have written a manual in ENGLISH that relates to the printer in your kit. Our manual is not a slide show presented to a class overseas or an afterthought.

  • We have selected quality electronics and parts – not what is cheapest and cost effective.

These 3 items alone have the capacity to wipe off weeks of frustration, searching 3D printing forums, and waiting for replacement parts to come in the mail.

PLUS – Mounting Kits are All FREE with 3D Printers Plus Printers! Just pick a colour!

3D Printer Mounting Kit

Electronics and Power Supply mounts are NOT included with kits from OTHER suppliers. You have to make your own or leave the electronics sitting on the bench.

We call all these features EXTRA’s because having bought multiple kits from various suppliers, we know that they are.

Not all kits are made equal. 3D Printer’s Plus Prusa i3 can be built by anyone with reasonable technical ability.

We want you to LOVE building this kit.