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DIY 3D Printer – Prusa i3 Standard


DIY 3D Printers – You get what you pay for. 3D Printers Plus Prusa i3 Standard – DIY 3D Printer is made in Australia by Australian engineers with an outstanding Australian Manual.

This is a beautiful 3D Printer kit to build. No surprises, nothing missing, nothing broken. Just loads of extras.

This DIY 3D Printer is perfect for the CAPABLE DIYer – some soldering, some cable lugging and a bare heated plate to assemble.

You can still enjoy the build knowing that with this kit you won’t have to program electronic chips or be given an exploding power supply or ineffective limit switches.

 The LESS CAPABLE Diyer should check out the Prusa i3 Dream Build where we make it more plug and play to get you printing sooner.

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Product Description

DIY 3D Printers – You get what you pay for

With DIY 3D Printers, unfortunately you get what you pay for. However, 3D Printers Plus, DIY 3D Printer is a BEAUTIFUL kit to build. It has been manufactured in Australia by Australian engineers who know the joy of DIY projects. It should be fun, not frustrating.

Frankly, it should not take an electrical engineer 3 months to build a 3D Printer. However, this Prusa i3 DIY 3D Printer is the result of that 3 months of DIY FRUSTRATION. 3D Printers Plus decided to do it better.

We guarantee

  • We won’t sell you a power supply that will explode when you plug it into the wall. It has been quality checked.
  • We won’t sell you technology that we know isn’t really suitable – you won’t spend another $60 on an LCD Display.
  • We won’t sell you flimsy limit switches with ineffective brackets. We have our designs with rugged switches and brackets. 
  • We won’t advertise a  picture of a nice looking printer and send you something different – we include all the mounting brackets for the electronics and power supply.
  • We won’t leave you in the deep end to flash your electronics so it knows all the technical specifications it needs to print. We will pre-program you chip for you.

This Prusa I3 Standard DIY 3D Printer is quality, well thought out kit for the CAPABLE DIYer. It leaves all the soldering and cable lugging for for those who love that stuff.  The Prusa I3 Dream Build however is perfect for those needing more of a plug and play DIY 3D Printer.

Quality parts is only one part of an enjoyable DIY projects. It means nothing if there are no quality instructions to build it. This DIY 3D Printer kit is a beautiful kit to build because it comes FULLY DOCUMENTED.

We guarantee

  • 3D Printers Plus wrote the manual themselves and English is our native language.
  • This Printer Manual is not an after thought but integral to our product.
  • It specifies all bolt sizes. We don’t expect you to play guess the bolt size with 8 different sized bolts.
  • This manual contains detailed visual and verbal instructions. It doesn’t say – “Find these parts…make it look like this,” to cover 4 or 5 build steps in a single photo.

You only need to search the forums on other people’s experience with many of the kits on the market today. 3D Printers Plus have just done it better.




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