Montessori Fraction Circles – 3D Printers for Mathematics

Montessori Fraction Circles

Montessori Fraction Circles

Frac Stac – The Complete Set of Fraction Circles 

3D Printer Design Files Finally Available on Teachers Pay Teachers

I’ve posted a number of blogs on ideas we have come up with using our 3d printer. It’s been really encouraging the response and encouragement we’ve had but always the question – would you consider selling it? We’ve finally found a way to make our designs available to people on the otherside of the world where postage is prohibitive.

Well here it is. 3D Printers Plus now has a presence on Teachers Pay Teachers and we are finally ready to let go of our IP and let people print our designs for themselves.

What is Frac Stac?

Frac Stac is inspired by the Montessori range of self-correcting toys that lay the foundation for learning through play.

They can be used as a tangible aid in Maths when doing any manner of fraction work or as a game. Game ideas are included below.

What Design Files are included in the Montessori Fraction Circles

Montessori Fraction Circles

x1 Container (not necessary to print though)

x1 ring

x1 Whole circle

x1 circle of ½’s

x1 circle of 1/3’s

x1 circle of 1/5’s

x1 circle of 1/6’sMontessori Fraction Circles

x1 circle of 1/8’s

x1 circle of 1/10’s


How Frac Stac – The Montessori Fraction Circle game can be Played

For Younger Children
Frac Stac Puzzle

Create circles made with matching colours or mix them up to see what pieces of the pie will fit in the pie ring.

For Older Children

Frac Trade

Place the ring in the middle of 2-3 players. Place a half piece in the centre of the ring.

Make 1 to 2 rows of all the remaining pieces to the side of the ring to make the “pack”


The person who can remove the most amount of pie by matching pieces with the equivalent fraction wins.

 To Play

Each person starts with 1 piece of the pie from the pack.

Each player collects a new piece from the pack at the end of each turn.

When a player can match an equivalent fraction with any piece in the middle of ring, then they may remove and replace the piece in the ring. The removed piece is kept until the end for scoring purposes. i.e. If someone has x2 ¼ pieces they may remove the ½ piece from the middle. Then in someone has x2 1/8 pieces they may remove a ¼ piece of pie.

Play continues until all the pieces in the pack are gone.

To Win

Everybody constructs as many whole circles as possible with their pieces removed from the middle. The person with the highest whole number and fraction wins.

Fraction Multiplier

To Play

Place all the tenths, eighths, sixths and quarters into a container.

Each player select 7 pieces.

Place in the middle a 1/2, a 1/3 and a 1/5

Each player rolls a dice. The first die is rolled until either a 2, 3 or 5 is shown. This indicates which fraction piece they will be multiplying (1/2, a 1/3 and a 1/5)

The second roll is the multiplier. For example, if the first roll is a 2, then they are multiplying the ½ fraction. If the second roll is a 3, they need to multiply ½ by 1/3 = 1/6. If the player has a 1/6 piece they may discard it.

To Win

The first person to get rid of all their pieces wins.

This game and 3D design files are  © by 3D Printers Plus

Click to get your 3D Printer Design files for Frac Stac

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