3D Printers for Mathematics – Our Latest Offering for the 3-6 Year Old

Padlock Pandemonium – the 1 – 20 Counting and Matching Game

I’ve posted a number of blogs on ideas we have come up with using our 3d printer. It’s been really encouraging the response and encouragement we’ve had but always the question – would you consider selling it? We’ve finally found a way to make our designs available to people on the otherside of the world where postage is prohibitive.

Well here it is. 3D Printers Plus now has a presence on Teachers Pay Teachers and we are finally ready to let go of our IP and let people print our designs for themselves.

padlock 5 small

What is it?

Padlock Pandemonium is a counting game for young counters and perfect to add to the collection of classroom or Home-School Maths Games.

Count the holes on the key… match the number on the padlock – release the toy.

It is also a wonderful busy activity for parents of pre-schoolers to Year 2 children for restaurants and other places where quiet play for active fingers is useful!

How it is Played

Children count the number of holes on the key tags and then find the matching padlock. All manner of items can be clipped into the padlock for students to unlock and release from their captivity (These items are not included) However, they can include aliens or geometrical solids… or whatever. Feel free to check out some of the items we have available to supplement this game if you don’t have toys or counters lying around the classroom that could be co-opted into playing Padlock Pandemonium. Padlock Pandemonium can be played individually or in groups up to 4. It can also be played as a race to see who can liberate the most toys or just as a happy play time.

padlocks all small


This game is wonderful for fine motor skills in manipulating the keys and padlocks as well as counting up to 20. Design Features The key tags have been designed with holes large enough for even 2-3 year old counting fingers to easily distinguish the one hole from the next.

How can I get it? Click to visit our Teachers Pay Teachers Site

 What’s Included

This full version of the game contains the 3D Printer design files for THE KEY TAGS 1-20. What’s Not Included – 20mm Padlocks: These can be purchased from Bunnings or if you are happy to wait 2-3 weeks, they can be purchased cheaply from overseas ebay suppliers for around $1.50AUS or $1.14US
– Key Rings: You can find these cheaply on ebay www.banggood.com is a reputable and reliable supplier of just about anything. – Toys to lock up and release.

3D Printer Requirements The gcode file provided is for a printer with a 0.4mm nozzled 3D Printer, using standard PLA plastic. It has been created to use a 50% infill.

Note: If your printer doesn’t have a standard 0.4mm nozzle, we have also included the STL file which can be used to generate the gcode for your printer. (The IT guy at school will know exactly what’s required 😉 if you are new to 3D printing or anyone that has done any 3D printing before.) There is also no reason why you can’t still use the gcode provided though and if its not optimized for your machine, then look at creating gcode specific to your printer.
This design is copywrited by 3D Printers Plus www.3dprintersplus.com.au

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