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3D Printer Training Australia

Our STEM 3D printer training will unleash the innovators and entrepreneurs in you or your class

Speak to us about our 3D Printer Training for STEM and ‘Build a DIY Printer workshop. Learn how to incorporate 3D printing to teach your students how to work scientifically as well as work technologically.

3D printers are a wonderful tool for students to explore the Made Environment and the process of product development and manufacturing. Our workshops are designed to give you the tools to get them developing and manufacturing their own products.

All courses are open to the general public – not just schools

Course 1

3D Printing Training for STEM

1 Day Course

  • $280pp
  • Max 8 people

3D Printers For Stem

This workshop is designed to fire your imagination with how 3D printers can be used across the curriculum, and take the fear out of 3D printing AND the new STEM focus in syllabus. It is suitable for Primary teachers and those in the Maths, Science faculties and anyone getting into 3D printing for the first time.

Get hands on with basic CAD commands (using Google Sketch Up) to create a 3D design you could use with your class. Learn how to turn it into a file for the printer and then watch it print!

Along with learning the basics to get up and running with 3D printing, you will learn (and be able to teach your students)

(S) The science in 3D printers (The materials and their properties)

(T) The 3D printer technology (As an example of robotics and use of the Arduino processors)

(E) Engineering applications (Take your students through the design and manufacturing process as they learn about the Made Environment with their own product designs.)

(M) Ways to use 3D printers in the Math’s classroom

You will also learn how to overcome 3D printing challenges and how to teach your students to create printable designs in a world where gravity is not their friend and their teacher’s time is not unlimited.

Course 2

Build a DIY 3D Printer Training

3 Day Course (keep the printer at the end)

  • $1100pp
  • Max 6 people

Build a DIY 3D Printer

Become your family’s or school’s resident expert in 3D printer technology in the ultimate hands on workshop – build a printer from SCRATCH!

Work beside an Electrical Engineer who can answer ALL your 3D questions as you go.

Transfer your knowledge to your STEM class (or gifted and talented students) and GET THEM building printers with you. Let them purchase them at the end of the course or use them to build a 3D printing lab for the school.

*Courses run over weekends so you don’t need to leave days of lesson plans and to cater for the general public!

 Teach yourself with our DIY Printer

Buy one of our easy to assemble DIY kits and learn about printers from the ground up by building your own. We can help you through the build process and take out the complex parts from to get you running quicker.

Who We Are

Craig and Mel Lennard are both Electrical Engineers and Mel is also a high school teacher and former team leader with the Science and Engineering Challenge. They live and breathe the STEM environment with their own children and would love to help schools foster learning through solving real problems with emerging technology.

Check our Dates

Check our dates to book a course or contact us for a school booking or out of Newcastle workshop. Call Mel on 0412 234144 or email We’d love to help your school make better use of their 3D printers.