3D Printers Plus – Australia

Bringing 3D Printer Training, 3D Printers and 3D Technical Support to Australian Schools, Families and DIY Weekend Warriers

3D Printers Plus Australia based in Newcastle. It is  run by Craig Lennard, an Electrical Engineer of 14 years and his wife Mel, a high school teacher. Craig is convinced that there are still people who value quality over mass produced quantity. Mel is convinced of the educational benefits for young people in transforming them from today’s technology consumers to tomorrow’s technology creators.

Speak to an Engineer – Not a Salesperson!

3D Printer T3D Printers For Stemraining in Newcastle and Beyond

3D Printers Plus offers 3D printer training for teachers, students and 3D enthusiasts. We have the 1 day 3D Printers and STEM course or become a 3D expert with the 3 day Build a DIY 3D Printer Training workshops and we’ll build the printer with you. See more on our 3D Printer Training courses

Filastruder Funnel Adapter 13D Printing and Design Service

The 3D Printers Plus, 3D printing service goes beyond just hitting print on your designs. We take a wonderful 3D design on the screen and turning it into something that can actually be printed with molten plastic. We can also take your base design and turn it into a 3D reality with our full 3D design service. 3D Printers Plus can even start with a vague idea and do all the 3D design work for you.

filament edit3D Printer Filament – Repairs – Technical Support

Because 3D Printers Plus is Australian – there is a Australian on the end of the phone when you call. If you are struggling with an ebay DIY 3D printer kit, 3D Printers Plus will still give you technical support you. Speak to us about our rates. We can also do 3D printer repairs (only $40 for return printer postage) We stock a range of 3D printer parts and consumables.

3D PrinterDIY 3D Printers and Pre-Builts

While we do sell pre-built printers, our flagship is the Prusa i3 Dream Build. It is Australian made and not only the best DIY 3D printer on the market but the cheapest 3D printer for all BUT the technical  gurus. We’ve done all the difficult work in the DIY build for you (electronics programming, software and hardware integration, soldering and cable lugging.) We make our 3D printers here in Australia and each part is quality tested so you just have to enjoy building.

 3D Printers Plus is providing quality 3D Printer Training, 3D Printers and 3D Printer Design Services to Australia.
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